How do I wash my Swaggie?

One of our favourite Swaggies perks is that it is completely machine washable. Simply take out your removable pillow and pop your Swaggie straight into the washing machine with your weekly wash.


Do I need to purchase a separate pillow when ordering a Swaggie for my child?

Don’t stress – we’ve got you! Every Swaggie that is sent out includes a removable pillow so no need to purchase a separate one unless you are looking for a spare or replacement. 


Do you sell replacement pillows?

We sure do! We sell replacement pillows online for $12.95. We recommend updating your pillow for a freshen up if your Swaggie is getting passed down through children, if it starts losing its shape or if its accidentally put through the washing machine. 


How do I roll a Swaggie properly?

It may look or feel a little intimidating, but don’t fret. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Simply lay the Swaggie flat with the fleece blanket side facing up.
  2. Fold your Swaggie in half by bringing the bottom up towards the pillow.
  3. Tightly roll the Swaggie all the way to the top and then bring the two elastic straps over each side.

From here, the handle will be exposed for your Mini to carry their Swaggie confidently and independently. If you have any questions or issues about rolling the Swaggie head over to our social pages and we have multiple videos showing off how to easily pack your Swaggie for kindy. ROLL ON NAP TIME!


Do you wholesale to childcare centres?

Yes! We love our Swaggie Ambassador Centres – if you want to learn more about our wholesale options for child care centres and companies, either visit our ‘WHOLESALE’ tab on our website or alternatively you can contact us at hello@daycareswaggies.com. Wholesale options include custom prints, sizing, addition of logos, minimum order quantities etc.


What does all-in-one mean?

Simply put, all-in-one means that the days of organising a pillow, a fitted sheet, a blanket, a pillow, a comforter, and a rest time bag, are coming to an end. Our Swaggies have a slightly padded base for comfort, an attached fleece blanket for warmth, a removable pillow, a pocket perfect for your Mini’s comforter/dummy, and roll up with a carry handle so no need to worry about organising a bag!


What size bed does a Swaggie suit?

Our Swaggies are suited to most daycare stacking beds or floor mattresses. A standard daycare mattress or stacking bed is typically 133cm x 59cm, and our Swaggies comfortable fit these at 135cm x 56cm, without having any tension or slack on the elastic straps. For centres that do offer alternate sleep options to the standard bed, our elastic straps allow for a universal fit should a bed slightly differ from the standard size.

If you are a childcare centre using toddler floor mattresses/stacking beds, we do offer custom Swaggies to suit these (Toddler Swaggies), when ordered in bulk through our wholesale option.

Feel free to contact us at hello@daycareswaggies.com to learn more about our wholesale options including custom prints, custom sizing, business logos, minimum order quantities etc.


What is a Factory Seconds Daycare Swaggie?

Our Factory Seconds Swaggies are available for purchase after not meeting our high standards throughout our quality assurance check of our Standard Swaggies. These products may have slight markings on the fabric, errors in stitching or missing name labels however any item sold through Swaggies is completely functional and safe to use.