One of a kind, modern day-care bedding

Hi There! I’m Jess, the mastermind behind Daycare Swaggies. A Gold Coast mother to two; Luna 6 & Mars 3. I'm a fully qualified educator & currently studying my bachelor of Primary Education. I have worked in the education setting for the last 8 years. My passion is empowering our next generation & being a mother myself I know how chaotic daycare drop offs can be.

When Luna started daycare I was given a list of the must haves for childcare: Sheet, pillow, blanket, drink bottle, hat, change of clothes and nappies.
Wow- how overwhelming, how am I meant to manage all of this and a busy toddler at morning drop off?  

This is when Swaggies was born!  

I needed to create something that would ease a families busy morning. Swaggies were handcrafted with careful consideration to ensure a seamless sleeping experience from home to daycare. We created an all-in-one bedding design that would be lightweight so a child could carry it themselves & make their own bed, fostering both independence & confidence. Our product has been designed by a busy parent for a busy parent. I was mindful of my fellow educators and I knew a Swaggie would drastically reduce the amount of time spent on the back-breaking task that is making 20+ beds each nap time.
In turn, providing educators with more valuable time to spend creating meaningful relationships with the children in their care.

Since creating this product in 2018 we have had huge success and amazing feedback from educators & directors. We are now shipping Swaggie products to families & childcare centres all over Australia & New Zealand. 

I hope you love my product and if you have any feedback or questions please reach out.

 Jess x