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Modern new style of daycare bedding!

Hi! I’m Jess, a mother to a wild 2 year old (Luna) and two step children (Nevaeh 12, Tyde 10). I’m also a full time university student, studying a Bachelor in Primary Education- I know busy Mumma right’.

When my daughter started day care for the first time I was given a list of the must haves for kindy: Sheet, pillow, blanket, drink bottle, hat, change of clothes and nappies. WHAT THE... how am I meant to manage all of this and a baby in a morning drop off?

This is where Swaggies comes in.. the design is lightweight; so your little one can carry it themselves while 1. keeping an extra arm for you free and 2. letting them build confidence strutting their Swaggie down the kindy hall. They are machine washable and they have a removable pillow ( just to make your washing job a tad easier). To ensure they don’t move while your little one is napping away, they’re designed with long lasting elastic hooks that stretch over their day care beds. Making our Swaggies that extra bit amazing they have a padded base for comfort, an attached fleece blanket for warmth and a pocket to ensure a safe place for your little cherubs favourite teddy or comforter. Best suited for children 2-4 years old with supervised sleeps.

Usually I will run two prints at a time until they sell out and then I switch them both to something fresh.

I hope Swaggies make your daycare run in the morning and pick up in the afternoon a little simpler!.

Thanks for visiting & I hope you find my product helpful!

Jess x

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I have also launched a fundraising program I run within Day Care centres, its a great opportunity to raise funds for your centre as well as saving on the standard shipping costs for parents. Please contact me if you'd like more info or 0415 467 555